Wednesday, July 31, 2013

handmade paper

I have been making paper since I was a kid and recently after accumulating all kinds of scraps of recycled papers, I decided pull out my paper making supplies to transform all those scraps into something new! Its messy and not the easiest project to tackle but nothing beats the texture of homemade paper!

There are all kinds of ways to create handmade paper (supplies, short cuts, process). The process above is what I use. TIP-I like to speed things up by finishing the drying process in the oven. When my paper is dry enough to peel off the screen, I lay it on a cookie sheet and let it bake in the oven on a low setting until it is completely dry.

 While the natural color of my recycled paper is pretty, I like to kick the color up by painting it.

I use acrylic paint and give the surface a nice thick layer on the front and back.

And while the bright colorful paper is BEAUTIFUL I like to keep going and add pattern to the surface.

I use paint, paint pens, permanent pens, just about anything to add pattern!

The result is beautiful, colorful paper full of texture and perfect to use in all kinds of projects!


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