Monday, April 02, 2012

new online class-the art of abstraction and a giveaway!


When I got to college and decided to major in art I was more than ready to explore new ways to get creative. I had spent many years feeling pressure to make art that looked pretty and perfect and was anxious to learn different methods and techniques that could set me free and release that "pressure" to be perfect. During my college experience, I found myself gravitating towards projects and classes that had more to do with abstraction and expression and less to do with realism and perfection. And once I got the taste of how drawing and painting felt when it was expressive, emotional, wild, free, and came from your gut- I was hooked! While these methods were just a few (of many) in my arts education, they seemed to be the ones that really stuck and ended up creating a foundation for my creative process and my art.


These days, while I love making beautiful and refined art and crafts, I also find myself returning to abstraction when I need to just let go and be free. Using methods and techniques that are expressive and abstract has enabled me to understand how to use my experiences and my emotions to make art. This process has helped me loosen up and let go of perfection in all of the art that I make. In my next online class, I am thrilled to share this process with you!

The Art of Abstraction will introduce you to the concept of making abstract and expressive art. I will share a variety of methods, techniques and prompts that will inspire you to find your voice and your unique style. I will challenge you to a new way of seeing and teach you fresh ways to make art with all kinds of alternative tools and methods. We will throw images, perfection, pressure and creative trends out the window and instead- make art with our emotions and with our gut! We will channel our individual experiences and STOP over thinking the creative process.

Join me for the Art of Abstraction!


To register and for all of the details and additional workshop facts head on over to my online shop!

In addition to launching registration today, I am also giving away FIVE FREE spots in the class!


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